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Because our tutoring is one-to-one, every second of every session is tailored to the student’s needs. Efficient. Effective. We are experts in three areas of education: academic, standardized tests, and college guidance. You can hire us for one service or all three.





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Start with applicants who can score in the 99th percentile and hire less than 1 percent. Work with the best tutors in the industry.

Andrew Hemmerich

Andrew Hemmerich

Erin Robison

Erin Robison

Ghoncheh Azizi

Lindsay Royce
Academic Advisor

Andrea Scalero

Andrea Scalero
Director of College Advising

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It’s the positive experiences of students and their parents that lead to referrals, which in turn allows us to do what we love. Teach. Coach. Mentor.

“Hammer Prep is the best! Our daughter is a very poor test taker, and in fact, was diagnosed with a moderate learning disability especially focused on math and test taking. The folks at Hammer Prep did everything they could to provide documentation and recommendations to the “ACT” to allow for accommodations. Sadly, the accommodations for extra time were denied. The tutor who had been assigned to our daughter would not allow her to give up or become discouraged. In her words, “we will figure this out!” Jamie was an incredible teacher and motivator and the scores were the proof. There was continuous feedback and follow up which made it a very personal experience for our daughter and for us as a family. We recommend Hammer Prep to any family for ACT or SAT preparation.”

Joanne R.
Pacific Ridge

“Wow! Thank you. You challenged and motivated my son to score higher than we could have imagined, but most importantly you understood his idiosyncrasies and structured your program to obtain maximum results. After my son saw his scores last night I said to my husband, ‘that was the best money we ever spent. With his score, this could be a life changing event.’”

Monica S.
La Jolla High School

“Both of my kids prepared for the SAT with Hammer Prep. What stands out to me is the individualized program they provide. One of my kids is very high in writing/English, the other in math. Hammer carefully selected a tutor for each of my kids with strength in the area of need, but someone who also connected with them on a personal level. This meant that the focus of the prep was in their respective area of need without wasting their precious time and energy practicing in the area of strength. Having a tutor with whom they connected made them more motivated to study, to show their positive results! I was so impressed with the process and results that I now refer my clients to Hammer Prep. (I’m a psychologist specializing in children/adolescents with learning issues, ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, etc.).”

Debbie Broadbooks, PhD
San Dieguito Academy

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