Erin Robison Director

Erin Robison
B.A. Elementary Education, University of Iowa
Director of Hammer Prep

Director of College Counseling - ACT SAT Tutor

Andrea Scalero
B.A. Linguistics, SDSU
M.A. Linguistics, SDSU
Director of College Admissions

Alex Huerta College Counselor and Tutor

Alex Huerta
B.A. Sociology, UC Berkeley
Essay Specialist and Tutor

Dan Elconin

Dan Elconin
B.A. Communications, UCLA
Essay Specialist and Tutor

Emily Midgley College Admissions Consultant

Emily Midgley
B.A. English, Hamilton College
Essay Specialist and Tutor

Getting Started with Hammer Prep


The free consultation gives us an opportunity to learn more about a student’s goals. We’ve learned that providing answers in context, provides greater value to parents looking for college admissions advice. During the consult, Erin Robison, will share ways in which we can best help a student. Consults are available Monday through Friday between 9am and 6pm. To schedule a consult, call 858-793-7737 or send us an email.

Student Placement

After learning more about a student in the consultation, our Director will match a student with a College Admissions Consultant. The placement is based on learning style, list size, and availability. We’ve learned that the right mentor is critical in making the admissions process a success.

Our Counselors Can Help With

  • Academic advising

  • Resume building

  • Transcript review

  • Remediation advice and assistance

  • Interest inventories and career guidance

  • Internship and summer program research and selection

  • College list building

  • Application completion

  • Essay guidance

  • Comprehensive date and deadline planning

  • Letters of recommendation planning

  • College interview preparation

  • Scholarship research and essay writing

  • Final decision guidance

Our College Admissions Services

Comprehensive College Admissions Consulting

We start with our comprehensive clients as early as freshman year and as late as the summer prior to application season. The earlier we start, the more guidance we provide with extracurricular activities and high school course selection.

We work with our comprehensive clients to optimize their school list and to ensure that they have everything they need to make them the most attractive candidate possible. Once students begin the application process, counselors and students meet as often as needed until all applications and supporting documents are submitted.

Comprehensive clients work primarily with Andrea Scalero, our Director of Admissions, but their essays are reviewed by our other professional essay coaches for a fresh-eyes approach.

Hourly College Admissions Consulting

If a student only needs help with specific parts of the application, we can design an hourly program to meet your needs. An hourly program is a great fit for a student who only needs help with a specific essay or wants a final edit read of an application.

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