Justin Papreck

B.S. Physics and Biology, Illinois Wesleyan University
M.S. Biomedical Engineering, Emory University and Georgia Tech

About Justin

All problems can be solved with a little time and a lot of tea.
— Justin Original Quote

Justin grew up in Illinois and attended Illinois Wesleyan University where he studied Physics and Biology. After graduating cum laude, he went on to receive his MS in Biomedical Engineering from both Georgia Tech and Emory University. During school and after, Justin had several jobs: research scientist (not particularly one of his favorites), writer/editor for Intertek (a local pharmaceutical company), musician (Justin’s talents know no bounds), HVACR technician (had to look that one up!), and educator for Mad Science (a personal love, Justin is kind of obsessed with science). Eventually, Justin made his way to Hammer Prep where he has been happily torturing (we mean, teaching) students with physics brain teasers for the last eight years! According to Justin, physics can open our eyes to a whole new perception of reality. When Justin isn’t doing handstands to entertain his adorable pups, he enjoys bird watching, reading books in Russian or Spanish (he’s a self-taught polyglot), and making homemade Kombucha (some fancy, weird-smelling health beverage). Justin also has VERY strong feelings about imitation crab meat (must be a Chicago thing), and if you really want to impress him then properly steep your tea!

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