Andrew Kolbe - Tutor at Hammer Prep

Andrew Kolbe

B.A. Structural Engineering, UC San Diego

About Andrew

“Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths pure theatre.”
— Gail Godwin

Andrew Kolbe graduated from UC San Diego with a BA in Structural Engineering. While at UCSD he led several projects incorporating structural analysis, finite element analysis, structural drawings and ground improvement techniques. Andrew is currently exploring different specializations within structural engineering and plans on returning to UCSD in the future to work on his master’s degree in geotechnical engineering.

Andrew is an accomplished percussionist and for many years specialized on the marimba. He is happy to play almost any instrument put in front of him but for fun, still plays concert percussion and the saxophone. He has worked within various high schools teaching music including Carlsbad High School, Mission Hills High School and El Camino High School. Andrew performed for Dark Sky Percussion for the past few years.

For Hammer Prep, Andrew tutors AP Physics 1, 2 and C, math including Calculus A, B and C, AP Gov/ Econ and the SAT and ACT.

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