Reading Comprehension for ACT and SAT: 5 Steps to Improve Your Score

While this reading comprehension plan works for all SAT and ACT student levels, it is especially geared towards students starting below 450 or 20. We’ve helped many students push through the 550 SAT and 24 ACT threshold over the years, but it’s never easy. Reading is a skill and most students scoring below 500 SAT and 22 ACT, haven’t logged the practice hours. While there is not a surefire way to boost a reading score, the following plan has

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Should I take the ACT or SAT again this year?

After you take the SAT or ACT, you wait for agonizing days until the scores come back… and then what? It’s hard to decide whether or not to take the SAT over again, and that’s not even considering the opportunity cost of giving up your Saturday morning of cereal and cartoons. So, do you need to retake the SAT? In order to decide, you need to do this for every college you’re considering applying to: Search for your college

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Does the PSAT Matter for College Admissions?

Short answer: Probably not. Long answer: The PSAT is a preliminary qualifying test for certain scholarships. A fact you may not know is that the score you are required to get to become a Semifinalist depends on your state. Usually for California the score is around 220, which corresponds to a 1480 PSAT (and 1560 SAT). You can only miss a few questions on the entire test. That means that you’d already better be scoring really, really high to

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ACT, SAT, and AP Test Dates and Registration Deadlines for 2022

Standardized tests haven’t gone away yet, so it’s important for students to be prepared for these exams. The following are official exam dates for the ACT, SAT, and AP Exams. If you need help deciding which exams to take or which dates to register for, click here to talk to a test prep specialist. Official ACT Test Dates for 2022 (more dates to be announced for Fall exams): Test Date Registration Deadline Late Registration Deadline (fee applies) April

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