Get Started

Step 1 – Introductory Phone Consult
We understand that investing in a private tutor is a big decision.  That’s why we always start with a phone consult in which we can answer questions in context. Give us a call at 858-793-7737, M-Th, between 9:30AM and 6PM. If we don’t answer, complete our online form and we will follow up with you right away.

Step 2 – Take a baseline SAT and ACT
We offer free diagnostic testing for the SAT and ACT, which will help you pick between the two exams. If you’ve taken an official SAT and/or ACT within the last 2 months, you may be able to skip one or both baseline tests.

Step 3 – Plan Design Consult
After we’ve had a chance to review your test reports and introductory paperwork, we will reach out to you to schedule a Plan Design Consult with our Program Manager, Erin. During this meeting, we discuss expectations, test results, tutor options, and likely test dates.

Step 4 – Schedule the first session
Erin will send an email that outlines the plan, and your tutor will follow up to schedule the first meeting. All materials will be provided to the student at the first meeting.