How does Hammer compare to other tutoring and test prep companies?

Hammer prides itself on providing the highest quality of tutoring in the industry. We achieve an unparalleled level of quality by focusing on the following:

Careful Hiring – We hire less than 1 percent of applicants.

Tutor Development – All tutors work through an intensive certification program over the course of many weeks before ever meeting with a student. Additionally, tutors meet 1:1 with a master trainer every week to discuss student development, as well as attend a monthly seminar hosted by the founder of Hammer Prep.

Team Approach – We support our students and parents with a knowledgeable adviser to answer any questions throughout tutoring.

Expert Guidance  – Hammer prides itself on providing honest and helpful answers based on 15+ years in the business.

How long is a typical session?

Most test prep tutoring sessions are 1.5 hours but we can adjust the time if necessary.

How often should a student and tutor meet?

Most students meet with their tutor 1-2 times per week, but the actual frequency depends on the student’s needs. After reviewing the student’s current test scores, we can make a recommendation.

When should my son take the SAT? We heard the ACT is easier, is that true? What about SAT Subject Tests?

We are happy to answer these questions. Give us a call at 858-793-7737 M-Th between 9:30a and 5:30p or schedule a time to chat by completing our online form.